Breed Mastiff
  • Current - Ohu
  • Formally - None
Status Deceased (Killed by bears)
  • Mate - Lucy
Age Unknown
Name Meaning Sunshine

Terry in GNGEdit

Terry is the fifth platoon leader in Riki's pack. He is missing the left eye. When Terry's platoon gets forced to join the dog Kisaragi and his pack, Terry decides to join them to survive. However, he is only waiting for a chance to destroy them and return to Rikí's pack.

This chance comes when Ben and his platoon are held as prisoners in a valley. While Kisaragi is busy with the prisoners, Terry attacks and kills two of his soldiers. Kisaragi gets aware of the traitory and attackes Terry. Terry is stronger and smarter and a second before he kills Kisaragi, Kisaragi gets help from one of his commanders called Uzuki. This gives Kisaragi the opportunity to destroy Terry's single eye. Terry flees wounded and blinded into the forrest and right into some of Akakabuto's soldiers who kills him.