Breed French Spaniel Mix
  • Current - Ohu
  • Formally - None
Status Deceased (Killed by Kaibutsu)
Age Unknown
Name Meaning None

Smith in GNGEdit

Smith is the third platoon leader of Riki's pack. He is not that brave, but always ready to help is friends when they need him. He carries a collor which indicate that he has had a owner previously. Smith saves Gin from Sniper and leads Takeda Gohei to the Futago pass to shoot Akakabuto during the final battle.

Smith in GDWEdit

Smith was a former soldier of Ou. He loses his left foreleg when he saves GB from getting killed by a truck.

Smith saves Mel from a dog catcher and is told of the heir to Ou, Gin's son Weed. He then unites Ken's and Kagetora's groups and starts to search after Weed. At the old fortress Gajou where the monster dog, Kaibutsu, lives, Smith finds Weed and storms into the cave of Kaibutsu to save him, Ken and Kagetora from the certain death.

However, Smith gets killed by Kaibutsu during the fight.