Breed Akita Inu
  • Current - None
  • Formally - None
Status Deceased (Killed by Akakabuto)
  • Mate - Yamabuki
  • Son - Riki
  • Grandchildren - Gin, Hiyan, Giyan
  • Great Grandchildren - Weed, Joe, Yukimura
  • Great Great Grandchildren - Koujiro, Orion, Rigel, Sirius, Bellatrix
Age Unknown
Name Meaning White

Shiro in GDREdit

Shiro is trained and raised by the old man Takeda Gohei. He is known to be the best bearhound ever. Together with his master, he has killed many bears.

One day, when he is up in the mountains, he meets his son Riki who have been beaten up by some wild dogs. He tells his son that he should not cry and that it takes both bravery and physical strenght to become a great fighter. He then leave his son alone.

After several months, Shiro is taken to hunt with Takeda Gohei once more. They get attacked by the bear Akakabuto. Shiro fights brave like a true bear dog. But unfortunaly, Akakabuto pulls him with him as he falls from a cliff. This encounter became Shiro’s death.

Shiro in GNGEdit

Shiro is the father of Riki. He was Takeda Gohei's hunting dog, and very famous. Shiro died between the jaws of Akakabuto as they both fell into a deep gorge during a fight.