Musashi (武蔵)

Breed Tosa
  • Current - Ohu
  • Formally - None
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Name Meaning None

Musashi in GNGEdit

Musashi was a great fighting dog who had won the championship of Japan three times. He saves Akatora from the mountain dogs in Shikoku and helps Gin and the platoon when the run into an ambush made by the Doberman, Sniper.

Mushashi joins the platoon because he thinks that he is getting to old to participate in fights over the championship and he would rather help the wild dogs in the fight against Akakabuto.

He comes to rescue Gin together with John and Jaguar when he is captured in the Underworld, Gaia's domaine.

Musashi in GDWEdit

Musashi was a great fighting dog in Shikoku. After aiding Gin in the last battle against the bear Akakabuto, he returns to the fighting arena in Shikoku. When he starts to lose the hang of it, he decides to end his career by losing to the Tosa, Toube.

Later, when Musashi has run to Ou to help Weed, he meets Toube once more. He is very disappointed to see that the dog he chose as his follower has decided to join the evil Hougen. However, Toube makes it up to Musashi by joining Weed and sacrifice his life to save the puppy Takeshi.

In the Hokkaido arc, Musashi fights bravely against the Russian invader, Victor's brother Bozlef. He fights Bozlef’s soldiers to the point of exhaustion and is badly wounded. Near death, Musashi rises once more to finish off Bozlef. However, that honor went to Moss' son Jaguar.

After the fight, Musashi is treated for his wounds by Gin's old owner, Daisuke and the doctor, Hidetoshi. After a couple of days, he is released again into the wild, where he reunites with the Ou army.

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