Breed German Shepherds
  • Current - Ohu
  • Formally - Hunting Dog
Status Deceased (Killed by Hougen)
  • Black
  • Light brown belly
  • Black muzzle
  • Black around the eyes
  • Brown collar
  • Old Owner - Hidetoshi
Age Unknown
Name Meaning None

John in GNGEdit

John is Hidetoshi's hunting dog and Gin’s best friend. He is a very arrogant dog and doesn't have respect for the fact of depending on others. John followed Gin on their first encounter with the wild dogs to defeat their leader, Riki and take the throne himself.

However he quickly grew tired of them and thought that their mission of killing the bear, Akakabuto was ridiculous. When Gin and the rest of the wild dogs departure, John seeks out the leader alone to fight him. He loses the battle and decides to work for him.

Afterwards, John returns to Ben's platoon to help them on their mission. He alone gatheres around 200 strong males for the fight against Akakabuto. When Gin is trapped in the underworld of the wolf clan, the soldiers of the empire, John comes and attacks Gaia to help Gin. However, he gets hurt during the process and has to fall back.

John in GDWEdit

John is Gin's best friend. John used to be a hunting dog and owned by the man Hidetoshi, but he joined Gin a long time ago.

After a mission to the Northern Alps, he, Gin and Akame gets trapped by the Great Dane Hougen. John fights the best he can, but is ordered to surrender when Hougen takes the female Reika as a hostage. John manages to escape on Gin's order, but is quickly found again by Hougen's soldiers.

Hougen himself appears and John fights him. Unfortunaly, John is already wounded and cannot win this battle. He gets tortured and left to die in the snow.

Before John takes his last breath, he meets Weed. John tells what has happened and about Hougen. He is fooled by Weed to think that Weed's army has won a final battle against Hougen so that he can die in peace. He then closes his eyes, never to open them again.

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