Breed Weimaraner
  • Current - Ohu
  • Formally - None
Status Deceased (Killed by Sniper)
  • Dark gray
  • White muzzle
  • Red collar
Age Unknown
Name Meaning None
  • "I am useless! Why didn't I save Ben?! Scared towndog! Ben!"

Hyena in GNGEdit

Hyena works for the Dobermann, Sniper and tries to help him to remove their leader Riki from the power. He betrays Ben which nearly had costed Ben his life. Later on Hyena stops working for Sniper and tries to join Ben's platoon again. First they won’t let him back, but after teaming up with the German shepherd, John, Hyena is accepted back in.

Before the final battle, Sniper tries to drown Ben and Hyena rushes to help him. He throws himself into a gorge and distract Sniper. Unfortunaly, Sniper cuts up Hyena's stomach and kills him.