Hayato (早士)

Breed Kishu Inu
  • Current - Iga clan
  • Formally - None
Status Deceased (Commited suicide
  • Pure white
  • Father - Akame
  • Brothers - Kirikaze, Jinnai, Tsukikage
  • Nephews - Shirozaru, Muu, Lara
  • Past owner - Itou
Age Unknown
Name Meaning None

Hayato in GNGEdit

Hayato was born in the Iga territory and was a soldier under the command of Akame. Hayato was not a very brave or impulsive dog, but sacrifies his life when his comrade Tsukikage commits suicide to kill a Koga dog. Hayato now lures a Koga into a huge hole full of sharp pikes.

Both Hayato and the Koga gets killed on the deadly spears when they fall into the hole.

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