Species Grizzly Bear
  • Current - Akakabuto's Clan
  • Formally - None
Status Deceased (Killed by Gin)
  • Cubs - Gaki, many other unamed cubs, Bear Cubs
  • Mate - Many unamed females, Bear Mother
Age Unknown
Name Meaning Red Helmet

Akakabuto in GDREdit

The bear with the red back first appeared in Ou in the summer of 1974. He attacked some cattle and then vanished in the mountains. A year passed by and no one had seen him. When the winter comes, Akakabuto attacks a hunting party, who is staying in a little house in the woods. The murder there should soon cost him his right eye.

He attacks the old man Takeda Gohei and rips off his left ear. Takeda Gohei reload his riffle and shot out the bear’s right eye. As Akakabuto feels the pain, he starts to walk backwards while fighting the bearhound Shiro.

He falls from a cliff and takes Shiro with him as he falls.

Akakabuto in GNGEdit

Akakabuto is the alpha-male in the Ou-mountains. Five years ago he got his right eye shot out by the hunter Takeda Gohei. This incident ruined his nervous system and he could not go into hibernation anymore.

Even though he suffered, the damage also made him grew stronger and bigger than all the other bears in the area. Soon, Akakabuto began building his stronghold and completely took over the mountain pass, Futago. He's very intelligent and gathered all the strong bears in the area to join his army.

Akakabuto became more and more violent and a living threat to everyone in Ou. He gets killed by Gin after he has spread terror and fear for over six years.